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Size (US) Numeric SizeBustHips
Small 1 2-6 32" - 36" 34" - 38"
Medium 8-12 36" - 38" 38" - 40"
Large 2 14-16 38" - 42" 40" - 44"
X-Large 18 + 42" - 48" 44" - 50"
* Sizes provided in this chart are an approximation of actual size and size may vary from one style to another.

A reference to our previous sizing

Amy Brill sweaters are classified by size only to define the sweater’s basic dimensions, mostly for knitting purposes. We don’t like to classify our wearers by size. We want you to wear the sweaters that you feel most comfortable in. Some of us like our clothes to be loose and flowing and some of us like our clothes to be form-fitting. Whatever your style, we believe we can make a sweater that fits you the way you like. But we recognize that one cannot shop on feelings alone, so we would like to give you some basic guidelines for how the sweaters are sized.

The O/S, or one size does not indicate “one size fits all.” It indicates that this particular item is only knit at one size. This usually is attributed to oversize sweaters, ponchos, scarves and simple sleeves.

Length measurements are indicated by short, mid or long. A short generally ranges between 16" to 20”, a mid is 22” to 25" and a long is 28” to 34".

Width measurements are defined in narrow or wide. When the style permits, we offer a narrow or wide in the sweater. The actual width is dependent on the style of the sweater, but in general a narrow is approximately 44” around and a wide is greater than 50” around.

As mentioned before, length and width are defined by the style and can vary based on the lines of the sweater. Length and width can be specified at the time of order. If you are uncertain about the size, please contact us and we will gladly help you select the fit you prefer.

Amy Brill sweaters are loose knit, allowing the sweaters to be flexible; they can stretch and flow and resume their shape. Most of the styles are intended to be loose and give you the option to layer. Our wearers range from the petite to the plus size and we never ask what size you wear, but what style you enjoy.